Adam Mickiewicz High School in Opole Lubelskie

celebrated the 65th anniversary of its setting up in 2009. Founded on September 20th 1944, it is the oldest high school in Opole Lubelskie county and one of the oldest ones in Lublin Province. The initiator and first headmaster of the school was Józef Kalinowski. Since 1947 the school has been based in the former Lubomirski Palace in Opole Lubelskie and in 1959 it was officially named after Adam Mickiewicz, Polish national poet. At present, the headmistress of the school is Mrs Małgorzta Woś. The school offers comprehensive education to students aged 16-19. We encourage all our students to achieve the highest possible academic standards across a wide range of subjects including the following subjects at the extended level:
  • Class A – Mathematics and Information Technology,
  • Class B – Biology and Chemistry,
  • Class C – History and Polish,
  • Class D – Polish and English.
All students learn at least 2 foreign languages (English, German, Russian or Spanish). In order to facilitate students’ work our school is equipped with 2 computer studies rooms, language laboratory, interactive whiteboard room, computerized library and modern gymnasium.
It is worth mentioning that students can choose from a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as:
  • IT club
  • Sports club
  • Volunteer club (voluntary charity actions)
  • Music band
  • Choir
  • School magazine ‘Ściana Licealisty’
  • Drama club
They also prepare and participate in numerous annual school events:
  • The Patron’s Day
  • School Festival of Culture (SFK)
  • Foreign Languages Day
  • National Holidays celebrations (3rd May Constitution Day, Independence Day)
  • Prom Party for Year 3 (‘Studniówka’)
  • Religious holidays celebrations (Christmas Eve, Easter Breakfast)
  • Teachers’ Day
  • Women’s Day
  • Boys’ Day
Our students are also eager to learn about other countries. They are interested in different cultures, like meeting new people of various nations and exchange their opinions. From September 1st 2010 to August 31st 2012 we are one of 15 schools who have been taking part in the Comenius Project „TRADITIONS AROUND EUROPE WITHOUT BORDERS”. Our teachers and students have already visited Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Germany. This year we can’t wait to see Hungary, Greece, Great Britain and France .
What is more, for three years we have also hosted students from all over the world thanks to PEACE project. Young people from Pakistan, Peru, Vietnam, China, Bulgaria, Japan, Indonesia, Morocco gave presentations about their countries to our students at the same time promoting tolerance and mutual understanding among different nations. Not forgetting about our identity, we are a part of the global village. We are willing to take up the challenges to become successful and make the world a better place.


Adam Mickiewicz, a national poet of Poland, has been the school’s patron since the very beginning. On November 29th 1959 the school was officially named after the poet and presented with its own standard. Since then, each year we celebrate the Patron’s Day in our school y . It takes place at the end of December around the anniversary of the poet’s birthday, which falls on December 24th. It is the biggest and the most important school event. On that day all students of our school take part in celebrations to commemorate Adam Mickiewicz life and works. They wear formal clothes, in the morning they have a solemn breakfast with their class teachers. The most important part of the celebration is the performance based on one of Adam Mickiewicz’s works. Since The Patron’s Day usually falls just before Christmas, we also have the festival of Christmas carols on that day.

Another school event with a longstanding tradition has been organized in our school since 1971. The main aim of the festival is promoting and developing students talents and skills. The festival usually takes place in November or December and lasts for 3-5 days. On each day students take part in various competitions and shows which they have been preparing for at least two weeks earlier. The range of events varies from serious and educational to lightweight and funny ones. Students present their artistic, musical, acting and dance talents as well as their intellectual skills. On these days we cannot forget about our patron, Adam Mickiewicz. At least one of the competitions has always been connected with his life and works. Since 2010 Foreign Languages Day has become a part of the festival. Students prepare various competitions and performances which promote foreign languages taught in our school, especially English and German. They are having a great time and at the same time developing their language skills.

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